• A proper warm up:
How often do you arrive at the golf course forty-five minutes prior to your tee time? Chances are not as often as you should. One key to a good round of golf is being properly prepared and loosened up before the game. Arriving at the course forty-five minutes in advance will give you plenty of opportunity to hit some full shots as well as do some putting.

  • Driving Range:
You do not have to hit a large bucket of balls, instead hit twenty balls and loosen up slowly. Start out with a short iron and progress up to the longer clubs. Try to get a “feel” for your swing but do not start working on your swing and making changes. Remember this is just a warm up and not a practice session.

  • Putting:
When you hit the putting green before your round you are there to get a feel for the speed of the green, don’t work on your stroke. Practice some longer putts (around thirty feet) and try to lag them close. Next, sink some short putts to build some confidence before you tee off.
You will feel now ready to play on the first tee rather than the fifth tee and your chances of getting off to a good start are greatly increased.